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HIMALAYA Goji snack
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The excellent quality of the HIMALAYA goji berry now in an individual serving pack.

Ideal for school, trips, mountain, office. Packed in a beautiful display box, you will find it in all good shops with organic products, healthy foods or shops with fine foods and delicatessens.

The HIMALAYA goji berry snack seed comes from alpine regions, it is two to three times larger than the common goji berry seed and it has a full fruity flesh.

The HIMALAYA goji berry snack contains a larger quantity of nutritional constituents, and it is fuller and tastier than the common goji berry. 

Goji berry is included among superfoods; it is a source of many vitamins, especially vitamin C and provitamin A, mineral elements –mainly iron- and trace elements.

Goji berries are eaten as they are, in combination with cereals, yoghurt, milk or ice tea. You can add them to deserts, sesame honey spread, cookies, or use them to make marmalade. You can also enjoy them soaked for 10-15 minutes in half a glass of water or juice of your preference.

They provide energy and good mood and they fulfill our organism’s every-day needs in nutritional constituents without fattening us.

The quality of goji berry, as well as its price depends on the quantity of goji berry seeds per 50 grams of product. The Himalaya goji berry contains 180 seeds per 50 grams, while the common goji berry contains 500 to 550 seeds per 50 grams.

The Himalaya goji snack contains more than 70 seeds in a 20 gr. pack. 

The HIMALAYA Goji berry is soft, when kept in room temperature. When it is exposed to cold, it gets hard, but it regains its normal texture, if you leave in a warm place for a short while.

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