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Organic spirulina in a GIGA pack Spirulina is a food

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Organic spirulina in a GIGA pack

500 tablets of 400mg


Spirulina is a food belonging to the category of edible seaweed. It is a tiny seaweed, cultivated in fresh water; it has a blue-green color, and it comprises of many cells that form small spiral fibers (hence the name spirulina).


The organic spirulina, Biospirulina + by BIOdinami is developed in large water-tanks, and with the help of solar radiation and carbon dioxide of the atmosphere, it propagates with entirely natural methods, without the use of chemical substances, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. It is then, collected, dried and, without the use of any additive, it is “pressed” into tablets and standardized in its packaging. Therefore, the spirulina you buy contains in its pack 200 grams of pure, authentic, organic spirulina in 500 tablets of 400mg.

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