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BIOdinami's website

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More awards for our products: 3 stars Great Taste award and 3 stars iTQi 2018!



Welcome to BIO dinami 's website

An innovative company in the field of organic products, with a passion for excitement and profound knowledge in the field of healthy foods, invites you to taste its products.

We believe in each other, ensuring that they comply with the requirements of the law, as well as their ability to meet the requirements.

Special attention is paid to the pricing of the products we have; we ensure that they reach the consumer at the same time, while at the same time, we secure their superior quality at which we have committed ourselves.

They are exclusively sold in organic product shops, in food shops and delicatessens, as well as in selected pharmacies.

Our main objective and commitment is to provide consumers with products of excellent quality and to achieve, at the same time, the perfect correlation between quality and price.


BIOdinami has started to cooperate with reliable companies abroad, to export our products all over the world.  European union countries and U.S.A were the first markets that we export selected products.  We are always welcome new partnerships and we are ready to cope with every demand, quickly, correctly and responsibly



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Product: Salt with organic Herbs
Salt with organic Herbs
Price : 
4.10 €
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Short description: 
A natural combination of sea salt from the area of Messolonghi with Cretan organic herbs.
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A natural combination of sea salt from the area of Messolonghi with Cretan organic herbs.

A fantastic, delicious creation, which adds flavor to cooking. With a special, traditional technique, the Cretan organic herbs are mixed with organic sesame and then with the unprocessed sea salt from Messolonghi, which acquires a deep green color and “locks” inside it the taste and colours of Greece. 

It can be used in literally ALL foods. 

When it is added to cooking food, it "combines" with the flavor of the food, making it tastier. It is the natural solution for tastiness of your food, without any chemical additive. When it is used as table salt, it emits the unique scents of its constituents. 

You can add it to raw or boiled salads; you can use it to marinate meat or fish, to give a note of freshness to pasta or to make pulses tastier. Perfect fried potatoes or eggs, incredibly delicious potato-salad or country Greek salad, stuffed courgettes with a special taste, delicious aromatic peas are only a few suggestions. Let your imagination make the most creative combinations, with a product you will love. 

It contains sea salt, herbs* (spearmint, oregano, thyme) and shelled SESAME

*from organic cultivations

Product: Smoked salt
Smoked salt
Price : 
2.50 €
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Short description: 
awarded smoked sea salt by salt odyssey
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The best gourmet, multi-awarded salt available is made by naturally smoke pure sea salt in real-beechwood for 140 hours, to create a powerful, intense, deliciously rich smoked salt.

Awarded in various different food evaluations and contests every year, salt odyssey’s smoked fine sea salt is valued for its deep, smoky flavor, its unique golden brown color, and its phenomenal aroma!

The cold natural smoking process with no artificial smoke flavorings or colors added makes this wonderful salt ideal for meat, legumes, potatoes or soups.  It is treasured by vegetarians and vegans around the world for its natural, bacon-like taste and its intense smoky aroma which takes vegetarian cuisine to a new, special dimension.

Product: HIMALAYA Goji berry
HIMALAYA Goji berry
Price : 
7.90 €
Short description: 
the experts at goji berry in greece, HIMALAYA goji berry, Goji berry is included among superfoods, The quality of goji berry, Goji berries are eaten
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The best goji berry of the market
in a 200 gr. pack, with a zipper, which opens and closes.

The HIMALAYA goji berry seed comes from alpine regions, it is two to three times larger than the common goji berry seed and it has a full fruity flesh.

The HIMALAYA goji berry contains a larger quantity of nutritional constituents, and it is fuller and tastier than the common goji berry. 

Goji berry is included among superfoods; it is a source of many vitamins, especially vitamin C and provitamin A, mineral elements –mainly iron- and trace elements. 

Goji berries are eaten as they are, in combination with cereals, yoghurt, milk or ice tea. You can add them to deserts, sesame honey spread, cookies, or use them to make marmalade. You can also enjoy them soaked for 10-15 minutes in half a glass of water or juice of your preference. 

They provide energy and good mood and they fulfill our organism’s every-day needs in nutritional constituents without fattening us. 

The quality of goji berry, as well as its price depends on the quantity of goji berry seeds per 50 grams of product. The Himalaya goji berry contains 180 seeds per 50 grams, while the common goji berry contains 500 to 550 seeds per 50 grams.

The HIMALAYA Goji berry is soft, when kept in room temperature. When it is exposed to cold, it gets hard, but it regains its normal texture, if you leave in a warm place for a short while.

Price : 
12.60 €
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They cover all the range of ingredients used in the modern kitchen.


Can be found in 6 colors-tastes:


Red salt, with paprika, curry, aleppo pepper.

Ideal for meat, legumes, potatoes, bbq, soups and eggs.  Can be used for marinating or as finishing salt at your favorite food or salad


Yellow salt with turmeric, mustard, curry, sumac

Used for chicken, rice, bbq, pasta, dressings.  Can be used for marinating


Green salt with oregano, spearmint, marjoram, rosemary, tarragon.

Use it for fish and seafood, stews, potatoes, raw or boiled salads, pasta.


Brown salt with allspice, caraway, Szechuan pepper

It gives unique taste at minced meat, red sauces, stuffed peppers, stews.  Oriental taste and aroma to your recipes!


Pink salt, authentic Himalayan rock salt

Use it as cooking or table salt for all cooked food or salads for unique salty taste!


Blue salt, from Messolonghi


Can be used as cooking salt or as finishing salt if you add it to your salt grinder

Product: SUPERFOOD MIXTURE health X 3
Price : 
4.20 €
Short description: 
A dynamic combination of the best superfoods. An explosion of natural nutritional constituents, and flavor balance.
Product code: 

Not available for purchase

A dynamic combination of the best superfoods. 

 The Himalaya goji berry, the best seller goji berry in the Greek market, in a harmonious combination with dried seeds, sea buckthorn and the extremely beneficial white mulberry, all together in the same sachet. 

 The sea buckthorn is derived from organic cultivations and it comprises, in its whole, of more than 190 nutritional constituents. It contains almost all existing vitamins, and it is unique in terms of fatty acid concentration. White mulberries are naturally sun-dried and organic, they contain a large amount of vitamin C and iron, and they have an excellent effect against constipation and high cholesterol. 

 An explosion of natural nutritional constituents, and flavor balance.

 You can eat it as it is, having stirred it to achieve flavor balance or you can add it to muesli, yoghurt, ice tea or juice.

Price : 
2.40 €
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Short description: 
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Hand harvested flake salt is collected from the sea surface and is 100% unrefined. 

With special texture, it melts in your mouth and creates a burst of taste!



Can be used at the end of cooking and as a finishing salt for raw or boiled salads, potatoes, eggs, meat and fish.  


100% Greek product originates from Messolonghi

Product: Salt substitute Salt substitute
Price : 
2.20 €
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Short description: 
Salt substitute with vegetables and herbs. Rich salty flavor with 0% sodium.
Product code: 


Salt substitute with vegetables and herbs.

 Rich salty flavor with 0% sodium.

 Ideal for people who cannot consume common salt.

 In contrast to sea salt, it does not contain sodium chloride; it contains potassium chloride, which according to studies, aids the management of arterial hypertension.

 The variety of vegetables and herbs gives the “Apo Kardias” salt substitute a special rich flavor, which makes cooked food or salad, not only salty, but also tastier.

 You will find it in shops selling organic products, healthy foods and Greek foods.

Contains celery